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The necessity of indifference

I just cleaned out an old notebook, the kind with a built-in elastic and multicolour pages, for Sam to use as his ‘research diary’, just like Professor Jones on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In it, I found the following quote from Tim Binding’s novel, Man Overboard:

‘Whatever anyone else says about us British, not giving a hoot is pretty fundamental to the whole show. It’s what separates us from the Cowhands [the Americans]. They do not understand the necessity of indifference’.

This is what I’ve realised about myself, after 13 years of living on this side of the pond. I genuinely don’t give a hoot anymore. Or at least I do desperately give a hoot about many things, or else I wouldn’t be in the field that I’m in, but I don’t give a hoot about many of the things that ‘friends’ on Facebook seem to be, or the people who watch Fox News, or about many things that don’t fall under the general rubric of ‘global social justice’. Life’s too short, and why on earth should I bother?

Sam & Rhys eating breakfast

Sam and his friend, Rhys, eating cereal on New Years Day. Delicate boys with lovely table manners…

Conference on ‘Making Politics Practical’


I’ve organised a conference in January that will explore how donors engage in politics and political analysis in developing countries. For more details, please email me at h.a.marquette@bham.ac.uk.

Lake Naivasha, Kenya

A short video that I took at Lake Naivasha, Kenya, in September.